AIEEE 2012 exam going online at Nagpur

By Rashmi Priya - Posted on November 21, 2011
AIEEE 2012 exam going online at Nagpur image

All India Engineering Entrance Exam ( AIEEE ) 2012 is going online only at Nagpur. Rest of the part will be following the offline pen and paper mode of examination. Many coaching institutes have advised their students to go for offline mode as the 2012 examination will be in a testing phase. Everyone is aware of the problems faced by online CAT examination. They feel with the passage of time things will run smooth and the system will settle down for conducting online examination. The nearest center for appearing for offline exam is Amravati, which is quiet convenient for nagpurians.

Dates for taking online tests are from 7th May - 26th May 2012 but the date for offline exam is 29th April 2012. A lot of students will be avoiding the online exam due to clash of dates with other exams. Some want to appear for the online exam and others do not want to change and want to stick with the pen and paper exam.

What ever be the result, one thing is sure that AIEEE is planning to go online. This is sure to bring a new revolution. Let us check the acceptability of the online test and the aftermath results. Till then Wait and watch