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Ram Nagar's Ram Navami 2012 went Live over Internet

By Vinay Yadav - Posted on April 3, 2012
Ram Nagar's Ram Navami 2012 went Live over Internet

Nagpur's Ram Navami Shobayatra reflects unique culture of Nagpur city. People of Nagpur, be in Nagpur or any part of world, have fond memories of Shoba yatra.

NagpurLiveTV.com provided an opportunity to everyone having access to Internet to follow the Shobha yatra live as it happens directly from the site location. NagpurLiveTV.com is an arm of Wifiwala., the team that aims to make Nagpur city fully Wireless

Live coverage of Shobha Yatra was watched by people from places like Canada & United States. In India, traffic was mainly from Pune, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahemdabad, etc though the major traffic was from Nagpur city itself.

NagpurLiveTV.com is brain child of Bhupesh Thakre (CEO of Wifiwala.com), who was very well supported by Yogesh Kinker, the technical person and a solid team of 12 people from Wifiwala.com

If you want to broadcast your events online, get in touch with NapgurLiveTV.com team.

About Wifiwala.com
Wifiwala.com has fully functional Wireless network in areas like Manish Nagar, Khamla, Laxmi Nagar and other nearby area. They provide high speed internet connections throughout Nagpur and surrounding areas like Butibori, Mouda, Bhandara, etc. For more details checkout http://www.wifiwala.com