NMC to take action against people stocking construction materials on the roads

By Rashmi Priya - Posted on April 10, 2012

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is in full action conducting anti encroachment drives and now seizing construction material lying on the roads. NMC will also impose fine on residents and builders for encroaching the land. A lot of construction material was seen lying on the road during the anti encroachment drive and so the decision to penalize the owners was taken. The construction material consists of bricks, sand, metal roads etc. These can cause accidents and even eat up space for movement of vehicle or walking space.

Lots of builders used to dump these construction materials on the roads and it remained there till the site was completed. But now they cannot cause problems by encroaching the land illegally. The construction material should be stocked in the premises where work is going on so that it does not disrupts the smooth flow of traffic or cause accidents.