Orphan girls from Nagpur getting married due to sex ratio disparity in neighboring states

By Rashmi Priya - Posted on May 10, 2012

Orphanages at Nagpur are happy to receive marriage application for orphan girls from Grooms of different states where there is sex ratio disparity. Female Feticide in Rajasthan and Gujarat has opened new venues for these girls who can now think of marriage and having a family.

Girls of Shri Shraddhanand Anathalaya have got a new life after their marriage. The marriage takes place after dong full background check of Grooms and when they are found fit for marriage, further proceedings takes place. The person should earn a good salary for upbringing of the family. Once the bride and groom meet each other, the girl meets with boys family before marriage. When everything goes fine then only the marriage takes place. The boy needs to deposit Rs 25,000 in the account in the name of the girl and the girl receives the money after one year of her marriage.

The orphan girls do not have any idea of family life so the grooms family is asked to adjust with her as she may not fulfill everyone's expectations. The girls are very social and they know how to adjust to the society.