Nagpur Municipal Corporation fined people for Spitting and Littering at public places

By Rashmi Priya - Posted on May 22, 2012

In a move to keep the city clean and green Nagpur Municipal Corporation has fined 70 people for spitting and littering at public places. Many people have the bad habit of spitting here and there after eating Paan or Gutka. Sometimes these spits fall on other people and cause inconvenience to others. It is a very unhealthy habit to throw anything on the road. People have the habit of throwing potato chips packet, packaged drinking water bottles and biscuits packet on the road after consumption.

One day we were just traveling by car with our windows open and the person ahead of us blowed water from his mouth outside the window. The whole water came crashing on the windows and it really felt bad. Educated people doing such acts. Why not stop at a place, drink water and then move on. I have seen people opening their doors of cars for spitting Gutka, because spitting out of the windows might leave a mark on their own cars. This can really be dangerous and lead to accidents.

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is taking every measure to keep the city clean. Door to door garbage collection facility and bins near residents to throw garbage but still people have the habit of littering on the roads. To stop problems of spitting and littering people are installing pictures of Gods and Goddess on the walls to keep their premises clean. Red walls is a common view in any government office which is caused by paan spitting. Orange city hospital has carved images of various Gods and Goddess on the wall to get rid of the garbage which collected in the periphery of the hospital. It is a common sight every where to find spits and garbage dumped by the general public here and there. Imposing a fine is sure to solve the problem.

I think as NMC has come up with the innovative idea of installing posters for stopping encroachment they should also come up with some posters for spitting and littering so that Nagpurians really wake up and keep their city clean. A single person effort will not yield results until and unless everyone supports it.