By Vinay Yadav - Posted on May 11, 2013

The 152nd birth anniversary of Kabiguru Rabindranath Thakur was celebrated on the auspicious dawn of ‘Pachisey Baisakh’ by ‘Khanan’ , the creative Bengali Journal of Vidarbha and the recipient of legendary ‘Mahadiganta’ as well as ‘Premchand Munshi’ Awards, on Thursday , the 9h of May 2013, at Rajaram Sitaram Dixit Library of Dharampeth, Nagpur 440 010, here.

The programme was started with puja and sankhyadhwani which was followed by rich inaugural renderings ‘Anandodhara Bahichhe Vuboney......‘ by Simantika Luho along with the associates of promising Sohini Music Academy. Sukumar Choudhuri, the Creative Editor of Khanan, welcomed the audience briefing the past, present and future projects of Khanan’s Rabindra Smwaran festivities.

Prakriti Ranjan Sarkar, the prominent art and theatre personality of the city, released much awaited Rabindra Bulletin. Owing to the crisis, which a constructive little magazine often faces, current issue of Khanan Journal 33 could not be released during Kabipoksho from the press. However, the two-paged offbeat bulletin, 81st of its kind, compered by Poet Asimkumar Basu has been released to grace the occasion. It contains write ups of
Tapas Saha and Dr Swati Bhattacharya and poems of Sukumar Choudhuri, Jayantakumar Bhattacharya and Asimkumar Basu on Tagore. The poem of Sukumar Choudhuri titled Annabai Nalinir Galpo depicting poets cordeal association with Anna Tarkhad of
Maharashtra was liked by all.

Kausik Chattopadhyay, Jayantakumar Bhattacharya, Sukumar Choudhuri, Ranjit Acharya and Goutam Lala read the selective excerpts from the bulletin.

Later a group of budding artistes from different parts of the city presented a series of eternal Rabindrasongs. Among them Mousumi Nandi, Deepa Ghosh, Simantika Luho, Shampa Sengupta, Indrani Roy, Sutapa Bala, Asima Bose, Sohini Luho, Spandan Roy,
Trisha Bose and few others enthralled the gathering with their melodious golden voices.

Jayantakumar Bhattacharya supported the artistes with tabla.
Shila Sarkar, Aishwarya Lala, Kausik Chattopadhyay and Hriday Ranjan Bhattacharya recited Tagore’s divine poems. Mrinalini Kelkar also read her Marathi translation of Tagore’s poem ‘Protinidhi’.

To encourage the next generation and also to exhibit the creation of young talents, Khanan not only honour the participation of young artistes’ in its Rabithakur festivities but at the same time publishes the creations of upcoming writers of the green city. The books and journals released by Khanan so far were displayed on a separate counter for the interested readers.
Defining the versatile creative life of Tagore, Sukumar Choudhuri, the Creative Editor of Khanan, rounded up the musical-morning proceedings, which was followed by the enthusiastic chorus ‘Aakaas Bhora, Surjo Tara.........’ by Khanan associates.