A tragedy turns Gift

By Rashmi Priya - Posted on June 22, 2009

While going through the pages of Readers Digest i found a very good story of a woman who lost her Husband in a tragedy. The tragedy happened due to drug and alcohol which was taken for delight. That person was just passing by that place when the drunken crowd stamped him to death.

Who was responsible for this death was not clear at the start but after a lot of police investigation it was found out. The murderer was merely 20 years old and he was charged with man slaughter and was given life imprisonment for this act of murder.

The Dead man's wife was so much moved from this incident that she wanted each and every person to learn from this incident.

She prepared slides and power point presentation to make them aware of reality.

In today's scenario its very difficult to teach the young generation of what is right and what is wrong.

She visited various schools and colleges to give a presentation on how the alcohols were spoiling them.

This story really moved me a lot i feel that if we all take a step to teach the masses as to what damage these drugs or drinks are causing them they can change themselves.

We all are aware that so many accidents are being caused because the drivers are drunk. The accidents increase during Festivals as a lot of people enjoy drinks to celebrate the occasion.

We should try to curb ourselves and keep ourselves away from them. The government is imposing so many rules and regulations and checking alcohol intake while driving, whats the use if we all don't try to put a full stop to it.

In one of the news paper i read even the alcohol intake level checking machine could not give correct results. Why dont we try and change ourselves rather then someone compelling us to change for our good.

We celebrate Cancer Day, Aids Day, why not “ No Alcohols Day “.