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Infocepts Technologies Pvt. Ltd

By Vinay Yadav - Posted on March 8, 2010
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Many factors need to be considered before choosing a partner to help with your business intelligence systems. At InfoCepts we put trust on top of the list. It is trust that will help when inevitable obstacles threaten the project. It is trust that is needed when you have a difficult technical challenge, or seemingly insurmountable deliverable. Trust, when the project’s schedule or budget slips. Why should you trust InfoCepts for your mission critical business intelligence projects?

Practical, Feasible and Achievable Advice

Our years of experience in building BI solutions for numerous companies in a variety of industries have given us perspective that will benefit you. We understand the numerous challenges an organization faces when designing, building and deploying BI. Data is often clean or unavailable and users are often less than enthusiastic. We will guide you to overcome these challenges with realistic, workable solutions.

High Quality Delivered by Top BI Professionals

We either hire experienced BI professionals or hire from top universities and put them through our intense three-month training program. Our senior professionals have a minimum of seven years of BI and DW experience. Our new team members all go through our training program which includes three end-to-end DW projects. In addition to these projects, our training program includes SQL training, Java training, Data Warehousing fundamentals, MicroStrategy certification training and comprehensive consulting/soft skills education.

Onsite, Offshore and In-Between

Though a fair amount of the work, especially requirements gathering, data analysis, and design needs to be done onsite, increasingly organizations are using geographically distributed teams to develop their BI applications. From day one we have used a distributed model with onsite, offsite and offshore consultants. However our model is not just a generic distributed model. We have designed our model specifically for the nuances of iterative BI development, often using time zone differences to accelerate development.

Infocepts Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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