Loksatta (Marathi)

By Vinay Yadav - Posted on March 16, 2008

The Loksatta is a Marathi newspaper in Maharashtra, India. Lok means people in Marathi/Hindi. It has branches in Mumbai (Bombay), Nagpur, Pune, Ahmednagar and Delhi. Born in the year 1948, on the Makar sankranti day, Loksatta has illutrious past. The first editor of Loksatta was Mr. then Mr.Ha. Ra. Mahajani.He shaped loksatta in such a manner, that it always remained anti-establishment, pro-people newspaper. The founder of the Indian Express group, a great freedom-fighter, Late Ramnath Goenka, always paid special attention to the growth of Loksatta.It is a largest circulated standard Marathi daily for past so many years.

Loksatta, for some time was headed by one mr.tikekar, a rogue by nature ruined it in the span of 5-6 years time. Having ill reputation as womaniser, he was kicked out by the management and an attempt was made to restore the lost glory of Loksatta.


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