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By Vinay Yadav - Posted on March 8, 2010
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Persistent is one of the leading outsourced software product development (OPD) specialists, offering customers the benefits of offshore delivery. We deliver services across all stages of the product life cycle, which enables us to work with a wide range of customers and allows us to develop, enhance and deploy our customers' software products. From R&D to development, testing, support and professional services, we lever it all. We have fashioned an innovative suite of Time-To-Market accelerators and tools that give our customers a competitive advantage. Our comprehensive suite of service offerings allows us to attract new customers and expand existing customer relationships.

Our goal is to work with our customers to help them efficiently deliver products to their end-users and ultimately, to maximize their core business. Our OPD services allow our customers to reduce Time-To-Market, improve the quality of their products, reduce risk of failure during the engineering development process, improve predictability and reliability of the engineering process, while helping them lower their over-all product engineering costs.

Persistent Systems Pvt.Ltd
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