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Nagpur SSC Students Success Stories on how they conquered the exam devil

The SSC results which were declared yesterday on 13th June 2012 brought smiles to thousands of candidates who had been eagerly waiting for exam results. It was like the farmers waiting for the harvest after a good sowing. Few students share their success stories on how they managed to pass SSC with flying colors in-spite of all odds and hell lot of problems. These students really inspired me so i could not hold myself from writing about them and telling the whole world “See the spirit of the young mind. They can dream and achieve the impossible”

Documentary Film on Vidarbha farmers wins National award

A documentary film by Nanadan Saxena and his wife Kavita Bahl on Vidarbha farmers wins National award. They have covered the life of Vidarbha farmers who commit suicide. The 3 hours movie shows the reason behind cotton farmers committing suicide. The farmers take loan for purchasing seeds and when they reap the ripe crops and go to sell in the market they get a lesser price for their hard work and labor. This starts their agony as they are unable to pay their loans and lead a normal life. As a result they commit suicide to end their daily sufferings and mental torture.