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Outstanding bills causing non functioning traffic signals at Nagpur

Various high traffic roads are facing traffic problems due to non functioning traffic signals. Decofurn Construction, the company entrusted with the work for maintaining all 142 signals at Nagpur has stopped maintenance work and installation of new signals due to outstanding payments. Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) claims that Decofurn is not accepting payments. Whatever be the reason it is the general public who is suffering.

Anti Encroachment drive carried by NMC going waste

Anti encroachment drive carried by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) with the help of Police Commissioner, Ankush Dhanvijay has not yielded great results. Anti encroachment squad carried out the drive and encroachers waited for everything to settle down so that they were back to their own place and business on the road.

Nagpur Municipal Corporation to construct 200 more bus shelters in the city

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is working very hard to make the conveyance system in the city good by constructing more bus shelters, where the passengers waiting for bus can take rest and sit comfortably. Now 190 bus shelters are fully operational in the city. The new shelters will be constructed on roads which lacks them or where two shelters have a gap of more than 500 meters. According to norms there should be a bus shelter every 200- 500 meters of road length.

New Slogan of NMC “Do not urinate or spit on roads”

Nagpurians who are caught urinating or spitting on road by NMC (Nagpur Municipal Corporation) inspectors will have to pay heavy fine. This is a measure taken to keep the city clean. Foul smell of urine spreads in the atmosphere and causes problems to near by residents and passers by. People sometimes park their vehicle any where on the road just to relive themselves which can cause accidents.

NMC to take action against people stocking construction materials on the roads

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is in full action conducting anti encroachment drives and now seizing construction material lying on the roads. NMC will also impose fine on residents and builders for encroaching the land. A lot of construction material was seen lying on the road during the anti encroachment drive and so the decision to penalize the owners was taken. The construction material consists of bricks, sand, metal roads etc. These can cause accidents and even eat up space for movement of vehicle or walking space.

Clear encroachments and get parking space

In a drive to provide parking space to Nagpurians Civic chief Sanjeev Jaiswal and Police Commissioner Ankush Dhanvijay have joined hands to take action against encroachers and provide parking space to people. Most of the time parking spaces are not available due to encroachments by daily vendors. These vendors block footpaths and parking space.

Traffic Park to educate traffic norms to children from 1st April 2012

Traffic park will educate children and youngsters traffic norms from 1st April 2012. It is a move to teach traffic rules to children and youngsters so that they are less prone to accidents. They will be taught about traffic light, zebra crossing, yellow lines and other traffic rules.

A traffic constable will be present in the park to teach traffic rules to children. It will be learning through fun rather than just remaining an entertainment park. Power point presentations will be shown to children to create awareness among them about traffic rules in the auditorium.

Celebrate New Year 2012 but with caution, says City Police Chief Ankush Dhanvijay

Celebrate New Year 2012 but with caution, says City Police Chief Ankush Dhanvija

It is 30th December 2011 today and all the hotels are gearing up for new year party i.e 31st celebration party. The party will start from 7:30 PM onwards on 31st December 2011 and continue till 1st January 2012 morning. Keeping in mind the security of citizens and to avoid any unlawful activity city police is fully prepared to curb all non sense activities on new year night.

Welcome New Year 2012 with 50 special squads on street

Welcome New Year 2012 with 50 special squads on street

To stop accidents, drunken driving, rash driving and stunts performed by youngsters, Ankush Dhanvijay, City Police chief has formed 50 special squads to prevent any unwelcomed behavior.

Ankush Dhanvijay has said that the appointed sqad will put law breakers behind bars for the whole night and they will be punished. This special action has been taken to avoid accidents which happens on new year eve due to drunken and rash driving. He also added that places like Sadar, Ambazari, Sitabuldi and Futala Talao will be under strict surveillance.

Butibori Industrial Estate to install a surveillance system in the area

Butibori Industrial Estate to install a surveillance system in the area

Butibori Manufacturers Association (BMA) along with Ex-Servicemen Multipurpose Service (ESMS), private security agency have installed surveillance system in the area.

The CCTV cameras will be installed at the entry, exit points and at the road junctions to have round the clock security. CCTV cameras have been installed on street lights and industrial buildings too. This would prevent theft and help tracking vehicles and accidents.