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LAD Hotel Management bakery festival “Cake and Bake”

LAD Hotel Management bakery festival “Cake and Bake”

LAD Hotel Management students and RP college of Women at Seminary Hills jointly organized annual bakery festival “Cake and Bake”. It is 3 days festival, started on Thursday and will end on Saturday.

This festival gives a platform to students to learn entrepreneurial skills. Delicacies like brownies, black-forest cakes, rum balls, chocolate pastries, garlic loafs, banana breads, pies and pizzas have been prepared by the students. Their hard work gets paid off with the selling of each item.

Come taste the yummy cakes and pizzas at the festival and forget Dominos till tomorrow.

Dominos Now in Nagpur

Hi Guys!!
After a long wait I had an amazing Sunday, yesterday, at Dominos Nagpur! I enjoyed my favourite Cheese Burst Chicken Mexican Red Wave pizza and believe me it was simply amazing!

I also got a 20% discount on flashing my student ID card which was really great. One can also log on to http://www.dominos.co.in/coming_soon_nagpur.jsp for more such exciting offers, hunger helpline number and lots more or simply join wow club like me!

Domino's Pizza is opening in Nagpur

Hi Everybody!

I have some great news for all Nagpurians. I was on Orkut today morning, just generally surfing, when I cam across this thread on one of the Nagpur Communities. It said that Domino’s Pizza is opening shortly in Nagpur. I did a little more browsing and saw the Dominos Pizza Nagpur Community on Orkut-