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Statutory body members slams Nagpur University top bosses for stinking dirty toilets

Statutory body had slammed Nagpur University (NU) Vice-Chancellor Vilas Sapkal and Registrar Mahesh Yenkie for dirty smelling toilets. After used condoms were found in the toilets of Nagpur University campus cleanliness issue has been raised. According to the VC he had no idea of things happening around him. NU Vice Chancellor was enjoying his posh chamber and never took pains to come out of it and check what was going on in the campus.

Training Program at Government Hospital, Bhandara by JCI Nagpur Lady Legend

JCI Nagpur Lady Legend organized training program at Government Hospital, Bhandara for Nurses on 27th July 2012. Heera Waghmare, President of the chapter invited Rashmi Priya, National Trainer JCI India (Founder & Corporate trainer Attitude School) as faculty for the program on "Professional Etiquette and Communication Skills". Pratibha Kadu madam, past Zone Officer was also present at the event.

Rashmi Priya trained nurses on the importance of grooming and effective communication.

The program was conducted successfully under the Leadership of President, Heera Waghmare.

Crony Capitalism

Crony Capitalism

Original scholar ( S.S Yadav, Main article published in Marathi daily ‘Mahanayak’ ) Translation in English (Abhishek Bhasme)

No Plaster of Paris idols this festive season

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is taking great initiatives to stop pollution of water bodies this festive season by implementing a ban on Plaster of Paris (POP) idols. It has held a meetings with mandals and idol makers. Mandals are requested not to purchase idols made of plaster of paris. Idol makers are asked to make idols of clay and not mix pop with clay. NMC has also asked the general public to lend their support for their success. Though the ban on pop idols had been voiced earlier but it has been implemented now.

Shweta Bhattad draws attention towards Social issues by innovative method

Shweta Bhattad of Nagpur is going to give live performance today by hanging from a height of 30ft, at the Chandrashekhar Azad Square, she would give a live performance of her art on a 40ftx20ft hoarding. Shweta will stitch the word “Vishwas” and the performance will start from 2 PM and continue till 10. She will give 25 more performances to draw attention of general public towards social issues. This is the new concept which she has developed.

Spic Macay to give a rich Cultural experience to Rural schools

Cultural organization Spic Macay has planned a busy calendar for rural schools in small districts. The program is named “Virasat”. It has started from 8th July and will continue till 23rd August 2012. The program will have lecture demonstrations from artists like Geeta Mahalik, Ronu Mazumdar, Kushal Das and Vishwamohan Bhatt in schools of Akola, Amravati, Buldana, Chikli, Wardha and Yavatmal.

New train to Jaipur from Secunderabad via Nagpur

New train to Jaipur from Secunderabad via Nagpur

Nagpur division of Central Railway has started a new train between Secunderabad and Jaipur passing through Nagpur station.

Jaipur-Secunderabad Express (09736) will start from Jaipur from July 14th at 9 PM and will reach Secunderabad on 3rd day at 3:55 AM. It will pass through Nagpur on 2nd day at 4:50 PM.

Similarly, this train will return from Secunderabad (Train number 09735) on July 16th at 11:25 PM and will reach Jaipur on 3rd day at 6:15 AM. This train will pass Nagpur at 10:30 AM on 2nd day.

Oral Cancer increasing at an alarming rate among Nagpur youth

There is rise in Oral cancer among Nagpur youth according to study conducted by Regional Cancer Hospital. The cancer is prevalent among the age group of 25 – 40 years of age. The main reason for rise of cancer among the young generation is easy availability of Pan Masala, Gutkha and other tobacco related products. Youth consumes it for fun but do not have knowledge of the side effects caused by its consumption.