Spic Macay to give a rich Cultural experience to Rural schools

Cultural organization Spic Macay has planned a busy calendar for rural schools in small districts. The program is named “Virasat”. It has started from 8th July and will continue till 23rd August 2012. The program will have lecture demonstrations from artists like Geeta Mahalik, Ronu Mazumdar, Kushal Das and Vishwamohan Bhatt in schools of Akola, Amravati, Buldana, Chikli, Wardha and Yavatmal.

New train to Jaipur from Secunderabad via Nagpur

New train to Jaipur from Secunderabad via Nagpur

Nagpur division of Central Railway has started a new train between Secunderabad and Jaipur passing through Nagpur station.

Jaipur-Secunderabad Express (09736) will start from Jaipur from July 14th at 9 PM and will reach Secunderabad on 3rd day at 3:55 AM. It will pass through Nagpur on 2nd day at 4:50 PM.

Similarly, this train will return from Secunderabad (Train number 09735) on July 16th at 11:25 PM and will reach Jaipur on 3rd day at 6:15 AM. This train will pass Nagpur at 10:30 AM on 2nd day.

Oral Cancer increasing at an alarming rate among Nagpur youth

There is rise in Oral cancer among Nagpur youth according to study conducted by Regional Cancer Hospital. The cancer is prevalent among the age group of 25 – 40 years of age. The main reason for rise of cancer among the young generation is easy availability of Pan Masala, Gutkha and other tobacco related products. Youth consumes it for fun but do not have knowledge of the side effects caused by its consumption.

Night patrolling by NMC to stop dumping of garbage on roads

In a major step to keep Nagpur city clean Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has started night patrolling to stop road side vendors and other people from dumping garbage on the roads. The official time for NMC visit is till 5:30 PM in the evening but NMC has constituted a special squad to stop dumping of garbage at places not notified by NMC for dumping of garbage.

Free Delivery Scheme by Government for economically backward families dumped

Free Delivery Scheme which was launched by government in the year 2009-2010 has been dumped. Under this scheme financially backward families got support from government during delivery at any private or government hospitals. This was done to reduce cases of maternal and fetal death during delivery. Economically backward people found it difficult to afford huge cost of delivery at any private hospitals. This scheme was a boon for them but lack of response has left the beneficiaries stranded.

Annual Commanders Conference of Maintenance Command of Indian Air force to be held from 9th to 10th July 2012

Conference of Indian Air Force Maintenance Commanders will be held at Vayusena Nagar from 9th to 10th of July. The program will be attended by Commanders of equipment depots, movement control units and Air Force liaison establishments. Air Marshal J Chandra will inaugurate the event on 9th July 2012.

The objective of conference is to assess performance of last year and set new milestones for the coming days. Trophies will be awarded to those who performed well in 2011.

Date : 9th - 10th July 2012
Venue : Vayusena Nagar

Government Medical College Hostels in a shabby condition

Government Medical College and hospital hostels are not fit for staying. Interns face a lot of problem due to dirty floors, bad condition of rooms, lack of proper clean drinking water, poor sanitation problem and lack of proper lighting in rooms and corridors. The students have reported the matter but are yet to be heard.

Courtesy training program for Nagpur division Railway Employees

Railway employees will receive training program on courtesy as they need to deal with the passengers and general public on daily basis. Nagpur division of central railways has started this program. Railway employees like Booking and reservation clerks, train ticket examiners (TTEs), parcel clerks, coach attendants, supervisors were given training so that they put forward a good image of Indian Railways.

Blind faith leads to killing of four year old at Nagpur

Nagpurians beware. Have faith but do not blindly follow someone. Blind faith on a baba by a mother of 4 year year old daughter led to her killing. It is a very shameful incident which took place in Nagpur. Mother killed her own daughter to bring prosperity to her home by stabbing her on the chest 21 times.

Anti Encroachment drive carried by NMC going waste

Anti encroachment drive carried by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) with the help of Police Commissioner, Ankush Dhanvijay has not yielded great results. Anti encroachment squad carried out the drive and encroachers waited for everything to settle down so that they were back to their own place and business on the road.