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Rahul S. Siras
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07122220390, 9823274647

Rahul S. SIRAS
E-mail:- rahulsiras@rediffmail.com
Mobile No. – +91 9823274647 / +91 712- 2220390 (R)

Career Objective:
Seeking a position in an IT industry that offers professional growth, while being resourceful, innovative and flexible… thus, utilizing my skills and abilities. Always love to have challenging environment with high team spirit.

• Expertise in database administration like database designing, database creation, database merging, synchronization of two different databases etc.
• Experience in maintenance of database, managing users, resources, privileges and roles.
• Extensively work in Finance, Banking, Asset management and Investments related sectors for administration of financial applications, Reporting engines and workstations. Rich experience of working with S&P and Lipper’s Hindsight workstation.
• Lead the team of 10 Software Support Engineers for mission critical Online Banking Application.
• Handled Technical team of 20 comprised of trained Data processing software engineers, developers and graphic designers.

Technical Skills:
• Operating system : Win 9X/NT, Win Server 2000/2003, Win XP, Novell Netware 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, Red Hat Linux V. 4.0, SCO Unix 5.
• RDBMS : Oracle 9i / 10g, Sql Server 2000.
• Tools : Export, Import, SQL Loader, RMAN.
• Networking : TCP/IP Protocols, Configuration and managing Router, Manageable Switches, LAN, Wireless Networking.
• Languages : C,C++, COBOL, Pascal
• Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) – DBA (9i)
Ø Oracle 9i SQL
Ø Oracle 9i Fundamentals I
Ø Oracle 9i Fundamentals II
Ø Oracle 9i Performance Tuning
• Advance Diploma course in networking (CEDTI)

Additional Credentials:
• Routers D-Link Series
• Participating in CISCO Certified network associate course (CCNA)

• Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Comp Tech. (Nagpur University)
• Diploma of Engineering in Electronics & Telecom. (Board of Tech Edu. Mumbai)
Work Experience:

1. Fundworks (I) Pvt. Ltd. (www.fundworks.com)
Tenure – August – 2006 to till date.
Clients: - F&C investments Ltd, Newstar Asset Managements, Royal London Asset Management (RLAM),
Prudential Investments Ltd., Insight Investments Ltd.
Languages: SQL
Database: Oracle 10g, 9i, Sql Server.
O/s: Linux, Windows 2003 Server
Project Description:

Fund source is client-reporting solution managed by Fundwork for clients on long-term agreement. Fundwork manages factsheet production services along with data procurement and processing for their clients. Factsheets are generated by Fundwork reporting engine and provided to clients via web-based front-end tool. The database used is Oracle 9i and Sql server. Web-based front end is developed using asp.net and provides clients with user-friendly interface to generate documents for electronic distribution or for hardcopy printing.
DBA Responsibilities:-
• User management.
• Creation of different objects of the databases.
• Checking of database for the performance.
• Making the changes in the structure of the tables.
• Maintaining the valid data in the tables.
• Involved in Backup/Recovery/Migration of database.
• Co-ordination with implementation consultants in investments companies around the World.

2. E-Sense Solutions
Tenure - April 2002 to July 2006 as Senior Software Engineer/Jr. Oracle DBA

Key Role:
• Designing of Database (ERD Design) for Banking Application
• Analysis of the collected data
• Re-engineering Software Applications for System Compatibility
• Designing Product documentation
• Coordinating and initiating the process for a team of about 10 Software Support Engineers for mission critical Banking Application installed at more than 68 branches of Urban Banks in Central India.

Project Description:

I) BankCare.Net & SocietyCare.Net
Complete suit for small credit co-operative societies as well as Urban Banks. The key modules were different kinds of Deposit, FD’s, Loan Accounts creation, Interest Calculation, Share management and calculations, employee management, reports and many more.
• Key Role : Database design, Database bug fixing & patch management.
• Platform : VB.Net + Oracle 8i on WIN-NT Environment.
• Client : Over 68 Credit co-operative Societies and Urban Banks.

II) ERP for Chemical Plant
It includes material management, calculations chemical composition depending upon the climatic conditions, calculation of biomass (actual production) and wastages, Employee shift management, Payroll, Accounting reports etc.
• Key Role : Database Designing & Data migration.
• Platform : VB.NET + Oracle 8i.

Technical Expertise Details as a DBA:

• Optimize INIT.ORA parameters to best utilize the system's resources.
• Managing Control Files, Redo log Files and Archived Redo log Files.
• Managing users, resources, privileges and roles.
• Cold Backup and Hot Backup with Archive log Mode.
• Backup using tar, cpio commands to DAT type tape.
• Network between Oracle server and Oracle clients using Oracle net.
• Oracle tools Export, Import and Sql *Loader.
• Recovery in both No archive log mode and archive log mode.
• Sql trace and TKProf.
• Backup and recovery using RMAN.

Personal Details:

• Name : Rahul Shashikant Siras
• Current Designation : Oracle DBA
• Contact Number : +91 9823274647


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