A D N Medical College & Paramedical Science

A.D.N. INSTITUTE OF PARAMEDICAL SCIENCES, NAGPUR is to provide quality knowledge and training in the field of Para Medical and allied Medical sciences at the grass root level, and provide its students vocational knowledge, that is job oriented, so that the students are ahead of others without wasting their precious time and money in academic courses, which are not so relevant in today’s competitive environment.

In the era of privatization and globalization of education in India, on the pattern of western countries, Indian Govt. also promoting non Govt. Organisation to come forward to meet the growing needs of Institution providing Job Oriented Courses & training so A.D.N. INSTITUTE OF PARAMEDICAL SCIENCES come forward to meet the ever growing demand of Para Medicos from hospitals nursing homes, pathological labs and diagnostic centres etc., In India and other countries. The aim of the Institute is to fulfill these gaps by providing quality education, that is affordable too.

Self employment/job oriented courses means, that candidate may establish/open his/her center in any part of he country under concerned medical specialty, subject to he rules and regulations prevailing at that time, in the area concerned or may seek jobs in India and abroad.

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