Akhil Bhartiya Bahuuddeshiya Hindi Brahman Maha Sang

The All-India multi-purpose Hindi-speaking Brahmin Mahasangh Nagpur, established three years ago, has always been determined to fulfill its social obligations. In the same year, many time-bound programs were successfully completed in last year-2014. There are many civilians in the Brahmin society who are serving the society without any rewards. There are also many citizens who have achieved many great achievements on the strength of their dedication, hard work and dedication, honoring the family and society. The task of honoring all such talented citizens with the Bhushan hospitality has been done by Brahman Mahasangh.

Lkakil Indian multipurpose Hindi Bhashik Brahmin Federation has announced its upcoming program “the couple About Conference in January 2015”. This program January 11, 2015 Sunday MLA residence, Civil Lines, to be held in Nagpur I was put on this program introduce necessary “the couple for registration form (Format) Suvidhahetu EC website of the masses on January -2015 ‘I this Prayers from the young men and women wishing to get involved in the program are that they download the form from the website and filling it with the instruction; Deposit in the office, including possible grant to register

The cultural social and political journey of human development from Vedic times to modern times has undoubtedly been an important role of Brahman Samaj. The benefits of his absolute intellectual abilities are always getting to the society. From the global perspective, Brahmins have always influenced the world with its scholarship and goodness.

But today’s changing social and political environment has put Brahmins on the margins, due to which they have reached the brink of being confused and unorganized. Today, Brahmin society is united by the need of redefining and empowering itself. With the same approach, it has been decided to establish the All India Multipurpose Hindi-Brahmin Mahasangh to restore the wider interests of the Brahmin society. 
In the May-2014 under the chairmanship of Shri Shailendra Awasthi, 12 main representatives have been registered ‘All India Multi-Purpose Hindi-Brahmin Mahasangh, Nagpur’.

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