Anjuman Hami-E-Islam’s Anjuman College of Engineering

Anjuman Hami-E-Islam (AHI) is the biggest Muslim Minority Institution of erstwhile Province of C.P. & Berar and presently under the state of Maharashtra in its Vidarbha Division established long back, i.e. in 1888 and completed 128 years. It is the off-shoot of past social reformation movement of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. Khan Sahab Mohd. Amir Khan was its founder President (1888-1910). From April, 2004 onwards Hon’ble Justice (Retd.) A. A. Ginwala is looking after the various educational and welfare activities of the institution in the capacity of the Sole Administrator. The list of Presidents and Secretaries of AHI is enclosed for your kind perusal.

AHI is corporate body having its perpetual succession and seal. It is absolutely non-political, non-communal and non-sectarian in its policies, programmes and educational activities. It has its own constitution and is a registered body under the Societies Registration Act. (1927), and Bombay Public Trusts Act. (1970). It has also been sanctioned permanent Minority Status( 2010).

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