Chandraneel Nathwala, a name Synonymous with Quality, Service, Purity and Dependability. The Chandraneel Nathwala Family has been in jewelry business since past 45 years of establishment. We are the third generation entrepreneurs following the same tradition and believes of our Founder Janardan M. Ninave.

Chandraneel Nathwala store is a state of art luxurious showroom, situated at the heart of Nagpur. Air Conditioned ambience and retail designs add the jewel to the crown Chandraneel Nathwala. Our trained and friendly staffs are always on their toes, to make sure that you get what you need at the right price. The in-house state of the art tools and machines backed with the application of top-of-the line techniques and superb craftsmanship have ensured the quality of our end product.

Chandraneel Nathwala is the first Jewelry store in Nagpur, specializing in Nose Jewelry. Chandraneel Nathwala exquisite pieces of jewelry, designed to appeal to people with great tastes. We are the first to launch nose jewelry products in Nagpur. We have 150+ designs for Nose jewelry, ranging from Puneshahi, Kolhapuri, Fancy, Jaiswal, Sarja, Katak, Rajwada, Jodha etc. No traditional wedding can be completed without bride’s nose jewelry. Chandraneel Nathwala has emerged as a Leading sole Manufacturer and Distributor of Gold Ornaments and nose jewelry with its market in Nagpur and all over Vidharba.

We understand that jewelry is more than just accessory and is the extension of your personality, tradition & culture.

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