Dr. Ambedkar Teachers Welfare Association

The association was formed by a group of spirited teachers Prof. Jogendra Kawade, Prin. Ganvir, Prof. Madhukar Dongre and others in the name of Dr. Ambedkar Professor’s club in 1971. Later it was named Dr. Ambedkar Professor’s Association in 1991. Due to technicalities and it’s need for large to work in all sphere subsequently it was named as Dr. Ambedkar Teachers’ welfare Association in 1998. Originally the association formed to work for the upliftment of teachers for their Economic, Social, Educational and Welfare. The main object of Dr. Ambedkar Teachers’ Association is to fight for injustice met to backward class teachers’. The Association stands today as a living essence of the realization of the dream of it’s founders. To provide all possible help for the teachers working in Maharashtra for their welfare, social, educational, economic, to bring them up for the development. To strive for total development of the Maharashtra teachers about their problems after discussing, after discussing, agitation or by legal advice. To explain apparent injustice and inequality around us and to provide a code of practice or way of life that leads to true to the youth downtrodden and others. To impart socially relevant knowledge & philosophy of life for the welfare of all. To disseminate and publish the works of gautam Buddha, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Mahatma Phule, Shahu Maharaj and others.

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