Falak International tours and travels has been established in 2006 as FalakMultiservices, Falak International tours & travelsEvery company is build with dedication, admiration for work and loads of hard work. A Company can only be successful when each and every employee of the company works in it as if it is his own company.

We, Falak International tours and travels started its journey of providing better services to people in the year of 2006, under the guidance of Mr. Javed Iqbal and as the years pass on, we are still working consistently to provide better services to our customers and wish that our work goes on in the coming years.

A holiday is an collage of memories, and the beauty of the collage depend upon its people. We make your collage beautiful by giving you better services, packages in an country you are not familiar with. We design your holiday in such a way that you remain tension free all your holidays, because of which you took it.

We want to make your holiday memorable, the memories should make you happy, because in your happiness lies our happiness.

We deal with travel related services such as

  • Passport assistance
  • Air tickets
  • Visa processing (tourist & visit)
  • Overseas Consultant
  • Hotel Booking & Tour Packages
  • Travel Insurance

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