Food Bazaar

Francis An, founder of Bogopa was born in Korea. He migrated to Argentina as a young man, where he embraced the culture and lived for many years; later, he migrated to New York.Upon arriving in the city, he quickly discovered that the needs of the minorities and immigrants were largely being ignored by most mainstream businesses in New York, especially supermarkets. Having enjoyed Latin American cuisine during his time in Argentina, he found that New York supermarkets simply did not carry a wide enough selection of the various ingredients needed to make many of the dishes that he had enjoyed in Argentina. Seeing a need for these items, he opened his first supermarket in 1988 in Queens, New York. The name Bogopa was chosen as the corporate parent name because it means “Yearning for You” in Korean. This phrase embodies the essence of our commitment to serving the very unique needs of our customers, many of whom are minorities or immigrants who have not forgotten their roots.

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