Gammon India Ltd

Gammon India is not only one of the largest civil construction companies in India, but can also lay claim to having built the maximum number of bridges in the whole of the commonwealth. For nearly a century Gammon has been undertaking and executing the toughest construction projects. It has an admirable track record, a solid experience and a proven strength on delivery norms across its full spectrum of services. Around the world, Gammon’s projects boost growth in economies and improve the quality of life of millions of people. Its expertise helps businesses generate values from the most challenging circumstances. All this has enabled Gammon to become a name that is inextricably woven into the fabric of India.

From the Gateway of India to India’s first indigenously designed fast breeder reactor, Gammon has become one of the world’s leading construction companies, diversified into areas including infrastructure management, transmission lines and power sector. As builders to the nation, the Company makes concrete contributions by designing and constructing bridges, ports, thermal and nuclear power station, dams, high-rise structures, international airports, cross country water, oil and gas pipelines, highways, chemical and fertilizer complexes and environmental structures. It has accomplished this by fusing tremendous knowledge with groundbreaking skills, harnessing men and materials across diverse projects. The company’s talented team knows that projects are critical to the continued growth and success of the nation.

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