Companies don’t build themselves, people build them. And this belief has been the core of The Aman Group since its inception over 15 years ago. So it’s no wonder that with able personalities like Mr. Zakir Khan and Mr. Haji Abid Khan at the helm, we’ve succeeded in building a future that is nothing but bright.Established in 2002, Green City Builders is a partnership enterprise of Zakir Khan, Civil Engineer and Abid Khan. Much earlier to its formation the senior partner and the brain and the visualizer Zakir Khan, was living this dream since as early as when he was studying in Xth std.

On completing the Civil Engineering Degree with flying colours, Zakir Khan started his professional career as a “Project Engineer” in the Construction & Building industry.

Green City Builders is a Nagpur entity the centrally located city in India, with connectivity to the four corners of the country. Zakir Khan ‘s thrust lies with the fact that since much before the present development & advancement taking shape in Nagpur; what with the Multimodal International Hub at Nagpur(MIHAN) Special Economic Zone (SEZ); of almost the size of Nagpur itself, Expansion & standardization of the existing Airport to International quality and performance , the onset of the famous “SAHARA” groups city home project, he could sense almost the same transformation in the fortunes of the city through his inquisitive intelligence and a will to usher in the same values of advancement through his Green City Builders, for his beloved orange city of Nagpur.

Green City Builders thus is based on this premise of abundant developmental opportunities lurking in Nagpur. The sooner it is achieved the better it is for it’s people and promoter a like.

Finally the driving force behind Green City Builders as envisioned by Zakir Khan is the oldest and the greatest need of the humans to secure themselves and their families in the four walls of Passion, Love, Togetherness, and Security, called “HOMES” and with what better a “Roof” as provided by the technically sound, uncompromising, and astute promising and advanced, Green City Builders, Nagpur.

The path traversed by Green City Builders as of now wasn’t any easier, but with a clearer foresight and a firm grasp of the nuances of the industry , Zakir Khan overcame one obstacle after another to bring Green City Builders to this platform of solidity and sustainability very much like their dream apartments, commercial-cum-residential complexes and high end plush bungalows, The reason being as simple as it sounds a will to attain success and name beyond the existing competition, beyond the existing availability of choices and demand in the building sector.

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