Inotek was established in 1996 as an antenna design and development company using innovative concepts for its products. Our mobile communication products were superior in performance to our competitors and thus we soon managed to become a preferred supplier for the leading operators in UK.

Subsequently, Inotek was taken over by their competitors Racal Antennas in 2000. Racal group was further acquired by Thales for ~£1bn who eventually sold the antenna division (Inotek/Racal Antennas) to the Cobham group of companies. In October 2006, focussing on their core defence related business Cobham decided to sell Racal Antennas civilian telecom business.

Inotek was re-established in March 2007 as an independent antenna design and manufacturing company by a team of engineers that included members of the original team from 1996.Inotek bought from Racal exclusive rights to nearly 100 telecom antenna products, all manufacturing and test equipment and acquired contacts for their worldwide customers and distributors.Inotek mobile communication antennas have been deployed in cellular networks worldwide. A significant part of the UK cellular network owned by Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Three use Inotek antennas.Inotek carries over 100 antenna products in its portfolio covering all frequency bands of the mobile communication network.  Some of our base station antennas are world leaders in their design and performance.

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