Kay Agencies

In the year 1981, college friends and founders, Kishor S Shirke, Anil I Jain & Yogesh H Patel, came together and   established Kay Agencies. The company aims to service industries in Central India, thus contributing towards industrial development of the region.​
We at Kay Agencies believe in Honesty, Ethics, Transparency and Customer satisfaction as our guiding principles.

​Kay Agencies now has a portfolio of varied products with large client base. Every company represented by us is a leading manufacturer of the respective products. Our current palette of products include – Pigments, Resins, Plastic colour concentrates & compounds, Titanium Dioxide, Carbon Black, Additives for Paints, Printing Inks & Plastics,

The Industries served by us are – Paint, Printing Ink, Plastic, Rubber, Textile, Paper etc.​​Research is constantly being done to add new products sourced from globally reputed companies to add to our portfolio.​Kay agencies believes in “Sustainability through mutual Growth”, we use ‘Colours’, which are our major products to not only imply ‘Growth’ but also to dictate our company tag line: ‘Adding Colours to your Business.’

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