Map Creation Nagpur (M.H.) is a consultancy firm Established in 2000. Shreeji Construction Betul (M.P.) is a consultancy & construction firm established in 1994.

It comprises of Architects, Urban Designers, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers & Civil Engineers and many large projects have been undertaken and Successfully completed. Our firm working in Commercial Complex, Hospital, Residential flat schemes, hotels building, multiplex, Bungalows, Townships, Public Institutions, Interiors & valuation in both the private and public sector as well as Government and Semi – government undertaking. Centrally located at Nagpur, India, the firm has Strategic and Technical associations with other Offices locally and in various others cities.

We offer a full range of services from site planning and conceptual design to construction drawing and administration. Our experience and skill base enable us to interpret to each project. Our work describes our passion for architecture and a commitment to innovative and responsive solutions. Each project offer a new opportunity in which we aim to push the limit of design. The work of the practice continue to be widely appreciated. Staff are well educated and actively engaged in all the endeavors of the firm.

The firm is constituted of three main operative sections; architectural, engineering / allied engineering and administration, comprising talented designers and qualified engineers along with consultants in all related fields; structures; interiors; acoustics, electrical, Air-conditioning and landscaping.

The firm has always strongly believed in individuality of thought processes to final assimilation of group concepts. In other words, the term “team concept” would aptly describe the line of working; simplicity is striven for in design and construction to achieve optimum design solutions for the builder, people and environment.

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