Nova Chemicals & Trading Co

When Nova Chemicals opened its doors in 1993, our lab supply offerings didn’t yet include Chromatography or Cryogenics. But our customers then, just like our customers now, knew they were getting the lab supplies they needed, on time, and of the highest quality.
Nova Chemicals is a professionally managed Laboratory Equipment Company established to deliver the best solutions available from internationally reputed manufacturers in the field of Research and Development and Quality Control for industries and educational institutions.
As the lab supply industry has expanded and evolved, Nova Chemicals has remained dedicated to its customers and committed to the highest quality.
Promoted by Mr. Rajendra Dhobale & his wife , a techno-commercial wizard who ventured in to this field after gaining a rich experience of a decade in chemical trading and chemical transportation.Nova Chemical is committed to provide the best customer support across India in the areas of installation, maintenance, technical service, IQ/OQ documentation, Application & Product support and Consultation Services.
Nova Chemicals’s primary focus currently is to address the laboratory equipment-related needs of companies, institutions and universities (from both Government and Private sectors) which are active in the fields of Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Agricultural & Veterinary Sciences & Food and Environmental Sciences.

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