Reliabuild Solutions

ReliaBUILD belongs to Sheetal Group of Companies. Sheetal Group has been working in Vidarbha since 1988 and has laid a strong stone in Iron & Steel Industry, Transportation, Plumbing Products and Warehousing. We work with  an objective of bringing the best at the best possible prices. We have gained trust of our customers since years with our fair dealings, value for money products and timely completion of orders.

Evolution of new and advanced technologies has gradually diminished the natural beauty of the Earth and its environment which inspired the application of eco-friendly products. Every new step that we take should be in alignment with the aforesaid objectives. Keeping these objectives in mind the company decided to manufacture eco-friendly light weight blocks ‘UNiLITE’ in Vidarbha Region. At ReliaBUILD “We believe in supporting environment friendly construction” and UNiLITE Blocks are truly eco-friendly building material manufactured using the latest German technology and is an excellent alternative building product for construction industry which is light in weight, has the required strength & is assured of consistent quality with the application of latest automated systems for manufacturing of the product.

Light weight blocks looks like the future of the building industry owing to a lot of advantages over the traditional building methodologies. They reduce your cost, time and labour which is a major consideration when it comes to any construction activity. But this is not the only consideration – reliability, strength and longevity are of prime importance too. The aim is to attain a perfect equilibrium between light weight & strength without any compromise in its longevity. ReliaBUILD Solutions is the first organisation to step up and take time to consider all the consequences, advantages and disadvantages.

There are 2 technologies available with which a light weight block can be manufactured – CLC based and AAC based. Both have some individual advantages and disadvantages but they both are based on the common “Light Weight Blocks” concept. We have enquired, investigated and have done research to come up with Hybrid UNiLITE Blocks that uses the superior CLC based technology but does leave the disadvantages of both CLC and AAC behind. That is, UNiLITE has the advantages of both AAC and CLC but disadvantages of none.

The research and development on the blocks and the initiatives to continuously upgrade our product has given us an edge over the others. Our concentration is not on earning higher profits but on giving better quality so that you get the best in a price range not heavy on your pockets. We at ReliaBUILD Solutions make sure our blocks are consistent in quality and in sync with the set standards so that YOU MAY SLEEP WITH LESSER WORRIES.

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