Rusa India

RUSA was established as an trust and society in 1996 by Founder Mr. B.B. Pawar. In 2000 the first permanent staff joined the NGO to allow them to focus on reaching out to the community in a more consistent way.

In 2000 Nagpur Training Center was started on a small scale. In 2003 we began Deepgruha Children’s Home, a home for orphans. Through the years more needs were presented to us and more activities were added to meet those needs.
Today RUSA has an established head office in Nagpur where we craft proposals and projects to meet the constant request for support and need that we receive. Our team of staff are constantly travelling between our projects and activities to keep up with all that we are responsible for.

We are so thankful for the support and encouragement we receive in regard to reaching out to the people. We have seen great progress in our community, city and areas of service because of the work RUSA is doing.

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