Welcome to Sunway Spa & Beauty, a premier urban oasis offering you the finest in spa, skincare, beauty and wellness in the heart of India,Orange city Nagpur.Inspired by the splendor of the traditional as well as modern styles,it’s a refuge comprising of warm and luxurious ambience with all the advance amenities available in the industry.From state-of-the-art facials to holistic wellness therapies and cutting edge fitness guidance, to world class salon services, our Sunway spa stands ready to offer you your most memorable spa experience in a serene sanctuary nestled in heart of the town.

We are one of central India’s best  beauty and personal care solution, housing some of the best professionals from around the globe specially from Asia and Europe who hone the art of making you beautiful through numerous years of Experience. We are a well-recognized name in the beauty and personal care industry for quite some time now. We have our shop in the prime vicinities of Nagpur which is easily accessible for everyone.

Rejuvenate the body and face with our signature therapies and specially tailored treatments designed by keeping in mind modern life style and essential beauty for daily routine to win the life.All treatments structured with carefully attention of safe and result guaranteed products. Detox the body and improve wellbeing with complimentary steam chambers attached to therapy room after every body ritual.Begin true spa experience with your first step; warm welcome, energizing aroma, soothing music and herbal teas ready to quick start of ultimate spa journey to revitalize body and mind.Sunway Spa & Beauty is created to beautify the life.

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