The Multipurpose Social Service Society

I am happy to greet you all through this Site. It is a matter of great satisfaction that NMSSS is bringing out a Decennial Souvenir to highlight the achievements and thrusts of social services in the past 10 years and give impetus for further planning and action in this great field of human service.

The Vision Mission Statement of Archdiocese of Nagpur reads in Para 5.3.3., Nagpur Multipurpose Social Service Society (NMSSS) is the social wing of the Archdiocese of Nagpur. It deals with developmental, promotional and animation programs. It function on a vision mission statement for the Social Apostolate of the Archdiocese.

Hence is helps in preparing, monitoring and evaluating social service projects, and programs. It also works in liaison with other NGOs.

Further in this Vision, on the chapter on Agents, Opportunities and Strengths it states “All social services and allied outreach programs must be perceived as in integral part in the wider mission of the Church” (Para 3.2).

Social service no more is a separate department of apostolate, but an integral aspect of evangelization. When one works for animation, or development, of marginalized, women and less privileged lot, he or she is sharing in the same mission of Christ of proclaiming the Kingdom of God. Kingdom of God means love and compassion. One who is engaged in social apostolate has to be a person imbued with the Spirit of the Lord. The ordinary NGO has a place in the society, but ours is more relevant and communicate than that. We need to be evangelizing Social Workers.

Over the past 20 years and more NMSSS has come very much in the limelight, with its new approaches and new methodologies, taking the sake holders to grassroots level. We acknowledge dedicative services of the Director and other supportive staff.

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