Travel to Nagpur is a very interesting journey which you must take once in your life. As you travel across the beautiful plateau region, you get to see the scenic beauty of the Nagpur district. You can travel to Nagpur through any of the three modes of transport i.e., railways, roadways or airways. Nagpur is situated in the center of India and this is why it has the largest railway head and roadways. Moreover, you can use all the three modes of transport which connect it to the metros and other major cities and towns of India. The most significant roadway for traveling in Nagpur is the National Highway. You can drive into the city from either of the two national highways, NH-6 and NH-7. The former connects Varanasi to Kanyakumari while the latter connects Mumbai to Calcutta through Sambalpur.

A travel to Nagpur would take you to the land, which basks under the hallowed memory of the great scholar Kalidasa and Mahatma Gandhi. Travel to Nagpur to visit Ramtek where Kalidasa wrote the Meghdootam. Legend has it that Lord Rama had passed by this way during his exile. Visit the little village of Sevagram as you travel to Nagpur. Here Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi had spent the later years of their lives. Here Gandhiji and many of his followers used to lead their lives according to his ideals. If you share a passion for wild lives, the famous Pench National Park offers great opportunity to watch the wild birds and animals as you travel to Nagpur.

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