Film Screening at Chitnavis Centre

Chitnavis Centre, located at Civil Lines Nagpur have organized a screening of French Documentary film Etre et Avoir (To Be and To Have) on 7th January 2014 at 7:00p.m.

The Chitnavis Centre promotes art, culture and human resource development by organizing multiple activities such as Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Art shows, films screenings and musical programs.

Etre et Avoir is One of the most emotionally gratifying movie about teaching ever made. Directed By Nicolas Philibert and Casts are Georges Lopez, Axel Thouvenin, Franck, Marie-Elizabeth, more. The movie has won many awards. The Chitnavis Centre is screening this film to share a good message with the people working in education field.

A classroom in rural France is the setting for this compelling documentary about a man with an extraordinary talent for teaching. The school, which consists of one teacher and a class of 12 pupils aged four to 11, is in the Auvergne – historically the poorest and most bucolic region of France.

Most of the film is shot in the classroom and takes a satisfyingly respectful attitude towards each of the children. Without sentimentality, each pupil is captured at their most thoughtful or portrayed confronting profound inner-conflict. Some struggle with maths, one child learns to cope with his father’s major illness and one girl will not communicate with the outside world. But all look towards teacher Georges Lopez, who gently nudges towards a resolve.

Lopez never ignores underlying tensions or faults, and in one scene he artfully chairs a confrontation between the bully and the bullied, requesting that the boys say to one another’s faces what they dislike about each other. Ultimately, we see how alongside reciting verbs and times tables, the children learn to carry human dilemmas. Each of the character portraits is beautifully rendered, particularly the adorable Jojo who has as many facial expressions as he has stories.

In an exquisite interview with Lopez as he trims his hedge, he reveals why he enjoys being a teacher: “Everything that you put in, the children always return it.”
Film-maker Nicolas Philibert, who won various awards for the film, has truly seen the world in a grain of sand.

“This is a great creation and people interested in education field and Teachers must see this film” says the Trustee of Chitnavis Centre Ms. Avantika Chitnavis. Director Mr. Mohan Sarwate appeals to the interested people to attend the screening on 7th Jan. 2015 at 7:00p.m. at Chitnavis Centre, Civil Lines Nagpur. Entry to this screening is free.

Sameer Hejib
Program Coordinator
Chitnavis Centre.

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