44 kgs plastic bags less than 50 microns seized at Nagpur

Usage of plastic bags less than 50 microns has been banned all over India. The government has requested shopkeepers and the general public to use jute bags or cloth bags instead of plastic bags. This initiative has been done to save our planet earth from polluting. The shopkeepers or local vegetable sellers keep plenty of plastic bags which are less than 50 microns as they are cheap and can help carry the sold vegetables.

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Nagpur Municipal Corporation Schools converted in to cattle sheds

NMC (Nagpur Municipal Corporation) schools where students should receive education has been converted in to cattle sheds and a place for fabrication. School is a place for teachers and students but it seems lack of proper studying facilities have led to the conversion of these schools in to a place for animals. The matter came to forefront when the inspection was carried by Dayashankar Tiwari. NMC’s Tukaram Lanjewar Vidyalaya at Gaddigodam had been converted into a cattle shed as Tiwari found lots of animals tied inside the premises.

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Dairy owner arrested for feeding drugs to cattle at Nagpur

A dairy owner at Satranjipura was arrested in a raid by FDA (Food and Drug Administrators) officials and police for injecting drugs in cattle to increase production of milk. The drug is banned as it is harmful to animals.

The drug is used to ripen fruits and used in women during labor pains. The dairy owner used it as he was not happy with the income so he used injections to increase his profit.

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Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport runway damaged

Run way of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport has been damaged and needs resurfacing. Civil Aviation Secretary, Nasim Zaidi asked Mihan India Limited (MIL) to take care of all safety measures like resurfacing of 3200 metre long run way and movement of animals on the run way.

The work is delayed due to loss caused to the air port authority. Nasim Zaidi has advised Airports Authority of India (AAI) and MIL to hire a private partner to run the airport.

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Workers of the famous Maharajbagh zoo are on strike

Daily wages workers of Maharajbagh zoo have gone on indefinite strike leading to the collapse of all the services in the zoo. There is no one to feed animals or do regular cleaning of the cages or the surrounding areas. The zoo is littered with dirt and plastic bags. Few days back a campaign for removal of plastic bags was launched but now the situation is worse.

The daily wage workers are striking to get regularization of services which is yet to get sorted.

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