44 kgs plastic bags less than 50 microns seized at Nagpur

Usage of plastic bags less than 50 microns has been banned all over India. The government has requested shopkeepers and the general public to use jute bags or cloth bags instead of plastic bags. This initiative has been done to save our planet earth from polluting. The shopkeepers or local vegetable sellers keep plenty of plastic bags which are less than 50 microns as they are cheap and can help carry the sold vegetables.

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Winters getting colder at Nagpur with the approach of December

It is time to wear sweaters, jackets, gloves , scarf and shocks as the weather is getting cold. The market is flooded with variety of winter wears. Retail outlets like pantaloons and big bazaar are coming up with offers to sell their new collection.

There is increase in sale of cold creams like fair and lovely and ponds, warm inners like lux cozi and Amul. Moms are restricting their children from going out too late at night as they may catch cold.

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