Nagpurians to ride smooth roads this monsoon

Standing Committee Chairman Dayashankar Tiwari has proposed to purchase a jet pressure machine which can repair pot holes even during monsoon season. With the procurement of the machine pot holes can be repaired within 48 hours. A toll free number will be made available for registering potholes complaint.

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Nagpur Police getting vigilant on Hookah Joints and Pool Parlours

To stop Crime and more spoil brats in the city, Nagpur police will be conducting 3 times check on Hookah Joints and Pool Parlours. The checking will be done at noon, 4 PM and again at 8 PM at night.

This New initiative by the police department is to bring down crime in the city. It will regulate unhealthy idea sharing which leads to antisocial activities for fun, money or just time pass.

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