UnEmployed! Increase your Employment quotient

Every day new jobs are created and still we are facing the heat of unemployment. Have we ever thought of why ? Why are candidates not getting employed even after having a long list of degrees in their resume. Is there problem with the educational system ? Candidate ? or the company which is demanding too much ? Have we ever tried to answer these questions. Lets think about the problem and look at it from a different angle. Is the unemployed mass really employable ? If not what are the drawbacks ? We need to answer these questions or else the problem will keep on aggravating.

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Job Rotation

Job Rotation is a process of preparing employees at a lower level to replace someone at the next higher level. Job rotation is practiced in corporate sector to avoid boredom and complacency in employees. Companies practice it to train employees at various levels so that they can do varied jobs and can become good leaders. It helps in understanding problems faced by different level of employees and required improvements. Job rotation is practiced to enrich the knowledge and job of a worker.

There are few things which should be kept in mind before going for job rotation –

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Customer Service

Customer service has become a buzzword. Every company wants satisfied customers and they will employ every means to hold them. Gone are the days when very few top notch companies had customer service department. Now you will find almost every company having a customer care center or they hire one to know their customers better. Its very well said that “ Customer is King “. There fore its very much necessary to look in to each and every problem of customer. Its better to sell 100 products to 10 loyal customers then to sell 100 products to 100 new customers.

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