MBAs, Doctors and Engineers contesting Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) election on 16th February 2012

There is a big twist in the tale at NMC elections as MBA’s, Doctors, Engineers and lawyers are now contesting the election. They feel they can bring changes around their locality and Nagpur by being a part of the system and not running away from it. They want to win election and fight against corruption, have a vision to take Nagpur to the next level by bringing funds for various development projects.

2012 is going to make history.

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Annual makeover work to be carried by Nagpur Municipal Corporation for VIP’s before winter session

Annual makeover work has started at civil lines and areas close to Vidhan Bhavan. Leveling of roads, painting of footpaths, stop lines, road dividers and Zebra crossing is on war front with just one month left for the winter session. But the situation of roads is still to improve in east and north areas of Nagpur.

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