Nagpurians beware of Conjunctivitis

The onset of monsoon has brought it with showers or rains and diseases too. A lot of people are getting conjunctivitis and viral fever. Conjunctivitis spreads very fast and it causes redness and swelling of eyes. City doctors recommend not to move out with an infected eye to stop spread of disease and wear black glasses. Others should maintain proper hygiene and wash their eyes to prevent themselves from getting infected by the virus.

Enjoy the mud puddle, dance in rains but yes do take precautions so that you enjoy this monsoon and keep smiling the whole rainy season.

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Enjoy Venus transit on Wednesday, 6th June 2012

We all have heard of solar Eclipse or lunar Eclipse but this is something new called Venus transit. Transit is when mercury or Venus comes between the earth and the sun. Venus transit is when venus will come in between the earth and the sun. This will leave a small shadow on the sun. It will be visible between 5.31am to 10.22am. It is not very prominent like solar eclipse but it is a rare phenomenon which has a pattern of 105.5, 8, 121.5 and 8 years making a basic cycle of 243 years.

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