Nagpur to organize Dahi Handi celebration for Girls

First Dahi Handi celebration for girls is going to be organized at Nagpur by organizer Sanjay Kule, Congress activist on 10th August 2012. This is the first Dahi Handi celebration for girls in the city. Kule has also planned to create awareness about Female Feticide by distributing pamphlets during the program. Kule is going to send letters to B Ed Colleges, LED College, Engineering and Medical Colleges for participation. If none of them turn up the ladies congress activists will take part in the Dahi Handi Celebration on 10th August at Itwari

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Jagar Campaign at Nagpur on 5th April 2012

Yashvantrao chavan Pratishthan of Mumbai is organizing Jagar campaign in the city. NCP MP Supriya Sule will be conducting a session to increase awareness among city youngsters about Female Feticide and uneven sex ratio. The rally will be from Traffic Park to Vasant Rao Deshpande Hall.

Sule will be conducting an interactive session with city youngsters and will encourage them towards non selection of sex of fetus.

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