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44 kgs plastic bags less than 50 microns seized at Nagpur

January 11, 2013

Usage of plastic bags less than 50 microns has been banned all over India. The government has requested shopkeepers and the general public to use jute bags or cloth bags instead of plastic bags. This initiative has been done to save our planet earth from polluting. The shopkeepers or local vegetable sellers keep plenty of […]

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Courtesy training program for Nagpur division Railway Employees

July 5, 2012

Railway employees will receive training program on courtesy as they need to deal with the passengers and general public on daily basis. Nagpur division of central railways has started this program. Railway employees like Booking and reservation clerks, train ticket examiners (TTEs), parcel clerks, coach attendants, supervisors were given training so that they put forward […]

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Ankush Dhanvijay, Police Chief appeals general public to help cops

May 28, 2012

Police Chief, Ankush Dhanvijay has appealed general public to help cops. Daily thefts in the outskirts of the city is troubling the police department. They want males with a good build up to patrol the area along with the police for the safety of their locality so that the thefts stop and people live at […]

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Encroachers back to business on City roads at Nagpur

May 9, 2012

Combined efforts of Police Chief Ankush Dhanvijay and sanjeev Jaiswal to make Nagpur city encroachment free have gone in vain due to lack of regular checks, encroachers are back to business at their own place. Many encroachers have again occupied footpaths and roads and are doing regular business. Hard work of NMC to clear these […]

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A special train Red Ribbon Express to create awareness about HIV-AIDS

March 9, 2012

A special train Red Ribbon Express was at Nagpur on 6th and 7th March 2012 to create awareness among nagpurians about HIV-AIDS. The train had counseling, testing centers and music zone to educate the masses about AIDS.

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Prepaid Autorickshaw Kisok at Nagpur railway station charging high prices

January 20, 2012

Prepaid Autorickshaw kiosk at Nagpur railway station are charging high prices from passengers. Previously the kisok was run in a very good manner and a lot of passengers preferred it as it charged right prices. But due to some dispute in the union running the centre it is getting chaotic for passengers as they are […]

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