Meteorological department predicts rains in the coming days

Nagpurians got a big relief from the drop in winter temperature after 14th January i.e Makar Sankranti. The nights got less colder and there was a sigh of relief from chilling cold weather which made nagpurians stay indoors during night. The afternoon temperature has risen considerably now and very few people will be seen with sweaters and shawls.

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Chilling January 2013 and wait for Summers

The new year started on a happy note with new dreams and goals. The city temperature is giving nagpurians goosebumps as it is getting colder and colder. A city known for warmest summers all over India will now be known for cold winters too. School going children find it very difficult to wake up in the morning due to dip in morning temperature.

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JCI Nagpur Lady Legend organizes training program on Motivation and Haldi Kum Kum on 15th January 2012

JC Heera Waghmare, President, JCI Nagpur Lady Legend organized training program on Motivation by soft skills trainer Jc Rashmi Priya and Black matching competition on 15th January 2012 on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. Jc Vandana Khati, secretary JCI Nagpur Lady Legend was also present.

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Nagpur cops penalized for not wearing helmet

After the incidence of spot death in road accidents during 2012 Ankush Dhanvijay, Nagpur Police Chief has taken major steps to make wearing of helmets compulsory for cops first and then the citizens. He believes that first they need to follow the rules strictly then only they can compel the citizens to adhere to those rules.

On the 1st day of helmet drive 27 cops were booked for not wearing helmets. They were charged fine of Rs 100. The fine will be doubled on 2nd and consequent offences.

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Spotted an injured bird, take care and call wild CER

Makar Sankranti is a time to eat til, gur and fly colorful kites. But this season causes injury and death of birds, the reason is the hanging manja in the air. It is a very sad story that we should cause injury and threat to life of aerial creatures just for our fun and merry making.

Wild CER has taken steps to help birds. Wild CER has requested citizens to call them if they spot an injured bird. People can contact the organization on 08983923103 or e-mail In the mean while they can apply turmeric and soothe the wound.

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