Statutory body members slams Nagpur University top bosses for stinking dirty toilets

Statutory body had slammed Nagpur University (NU) Vice-Chancellor Vilas Sapkal and Registrar Mahesh Yenkie for dirty smelling toilets. After used condoms were found in the toilets of Nagpur University campus cleanliness issue has been raised. According to the VC he had no idea of things happening around him. NU Vice Chancellor was enjoying his posh chamber and never took pains to come out of it and check what was going on in the campus.

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Nagpur university shows green flag to Gondwana University

Nagpur University granted official approval to opening of Gondwana university. The management approved the transfer of files and accounts to the Maharashtra’s newest university at a meeting.

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Dhananjay Kadam granted equivalence to his M Ed degree from Nagpur University after 11 years of struggle

Dahananjay Kadam, a senior lecturer was granted equivalence to his M Ed degree that he got from the Yeshwantrao Chavan Memorial Open University after 11 years. The problem started when Dhananjay was not allowed to do Phd from Nagpur University and his application was rejected because he attained his previous degree from open university.

Kadam fought the battle and won it. He has opened doors for other candidates who face the same problem after graduating from open university.

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Gondwana University to come into existence on 27th December 2011

Government of Maharashtra has sanctioned Gondwana University which will be set in Gadchiroli. It is a big move. It is formed to reduce load on Nagpur University and is the second bifurcation of the university.

Nagpur University (NU) will fill new posts at Gonwana University (GU) by transferring employees from its own department and rest to be recruited. Students enrolling for the academic year 2012-2013 will be issued certificates from GU while the existing ones will receive certificate from Nagpur University.

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Nagpur University hosting 98th convocation at Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Educational campus

Nagpur University is celebrating its 98th convocation on 26th November 2011 i.e tomorrow at its own campus at 11 AM. The convocation will be felicitating meritorious students.

Vilas Sapkal, Vice Chancellor of Nagpur University had planned the event at Vasantrao Deshpande hall but switched to NU campus due to space constraints. He said parents will also visit the convocation along with the students so small space will lead to accommodation problem. Vilas Sapkal is planning to make this convocation memorable for the students.

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Proposal for opening 188 new colleges submitted to Nagpur University. What will NU do ?

Nagpur University has received fresh 188 proposals to open new colleges in the year 2011. The university is not able to sustain the burden of existing 810 colleges and addition of more colleges will only add up to the burden. Most depressing fact is many colleges belong to politicians and businessmen, they disregard rules and regulations , affecting standard of education in these institutions.

Management Council of Mumbai and Amravati University have taken a decision not to allow any new colleges for at least one year due to the current work load and vacancies.

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