Anil Deshmukh to Felicitate Kids NGO

A group of 40 School kids came together to form an NGO for doing some philanthropy work for the society. They started funding their work with what ever pocket money they had for the noble cause. On the occasion of World Blood Donor’s Day the kids NGO collected 120 bottles of blood.

Anil Deshmukh has promised to help them when ever they are in need and has also decided to felicitate them. Pathologist and owner of Lifeline Blood Bank Dr Harish Warbhe helped the kids organize the blood donation camp. He too praised the work done by kids.

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Duronto to run daily from Nagpur to Mumbai from end of June 2012

Duronto which used to run thrice a week will be converted into a daily train. It is good news for Nagpurians as there was always a long waiting list in trains like sevagram and Vidarbha. Many people adopted other means of conveyance in the absence of confirmed ticket in trains.

Nagpur will soon be a clean train station where standardized methods will be used for cleaning trains. Water coolers have been installed at the railway stations which has been donated by NGO’s. It will be maintained by Railways.

Decision to run Duronto daily will sure bring smiles to all Nagpurians.

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Nagpur declared Polio free zone

Nagpur has been declared polio free. Even India has been removed from the list of Polio Endemic Nations by World Health Organization. Nagpur has remained polio free since 6 years and the credit goes to Government and NGO’s which took up the work to make Nagpur Polio free. Several volunteers, Indian Medical Association, Rotary Club and many others made the drive successful.

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JCI Nagpur Lady Legend in association with Adolescent Guidance center organized program on Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health

JCI Nagpur Lady Legend in association with Adolescent Guidance center (Maitri Clinic Bhandara) organized program on Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health. The program was organised at Sharda Lawn, Near General Hospital, Bhandara. JC Heera Waghmare, President 2012 and past zone officer JC Pratibha Kadu ji were the pillars behind the program. JC Ashwini Sharma, Zone Director Growth and Development, Zone 9 was also present at the event. The program was organized on 13th march 2012 from 10 AM till 5 PM.

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Green Vigil, Nagpur NGO included in the India Book of Records 2012

City based NGO, Green Vigil gets itself recorded in India Book of Records 2012, a book recognizing national record holders.

Global warming and Climate Change has been theme of most campaigns conducted by Green Vigil NGO.

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NIT and NMC collaborate to repair pot holes of city road

Nagpur Improvement Trust and Nagpur Municipal Corporation have collaborated to repair road from Automotive Square to Rani Durgawati square. The road developed large pot holes due to non maintenance since several years. The repairing of road is sure to provide relief to road users.

Repairing of roads would cost Rs 40 Lakhs. This is a temporary solution. For good strength the road needs to be resurfaced which will need Rs 3 Crores. Nagpur Municipal Corporation has approached the state government for funds.

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