Nagpur Metro Rail by 2016: Mahrashtra Government

Maharashtra Government approved proposal to build 25 KM long Metro Rail in Nagpur.

The first phase will include route from Sitabuldi to Butibori via Mihan, 25 KM total distance. Metro rail will not be fully underground, but will run partly on an elevated corridor and the remaining will be on-ground. The project will cost around Rs 1,250 crore

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Nag river turning into Nullah

Image Credit: Ganesh Dhamodkar (CC-BY-SA).

Nagpur which was named after Nag river has turned down the glory of river to a nullah. What was once pride of city now stinks and is full of garbage. Previously fresh water used to flow through it and now only sewage water and industrial pollutants.

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is not taking any steps due to lack of funds and have approached National River Conservation Plan (NRCP) to release funds for cleaning the river. The proposal has been submitted and results are awaited.

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Kasturchand Park Revamped as Commercial Park

Earlier the team at reported that Kasturchand Park had lost its glory due to accumulation of garbage and fowl smell. Now there is a new twist in the story. It is being used for commercial purposes just to generate revenue.

The PWD is entrusted with the responsibility to maintain it and NMC to clean it but lots of garbage can be seen near the ground. Many vendors run their shop near the ground. It cannot be used for playing purposes due to its present dilapidated stage. It is just used for hosting exhibitions and other events which generates revenue.

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Nagpur Municipal Corporation receives award for solid waste management

Nagpur municipal corporation received second runner-up Award for Excellence in Solid Waste Management organized jointly by Andhra Pradesh Technology Department, Promotion Center and JCB India Limited.

Prakash Urade, Superintending engineer received the award at Hyderabad at the international symposium on solid waste management

The award was given for treatment of solid waste generated from Nagpur city by establishing solid waste treatment plant at Bhandewadi.

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Railway over Bridge (ROB) to be constructed between Anand Talkies and Vijay Talkies

Nagpur Municipal Corporation has started construction of railway over bridge between Anand Talkies and Vaijay talkies. The bridge is being constructed under the JNNURM scheme and is scheduled to be completed in June 2012.

The ROB will reduce traffic on Sitabuldi-Cotton Market square-Gandhisagar lake road. All vehicles including buses can pass through it. Work for bridge will progress according to schedule of train so that there are no trains passing under the bridge at the working time.

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Nagpur City to open new Setu centers

Nagpur City has only one setu center at collectorate premises. Due to increasing work load, district collector Saurabh Rao has decided to open 16 new setu centers in the city.

Rao is planning to start new setu centers at zone offices of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). These centers issue various certificates like caste, income, domicile, etc. Increase in number of centers will decrease the rush at the main office.

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Orange City Water Limited (OCWL) yet to operate full fledged in Nagpur City

Most of the workers working for Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) are not ready to work with OCWL (Orange City Water Limited). The situation is, they will still continue to work for NMC and get paid by NMC for seven months.

Decision on workers who are not ready to work for OCWL will be taken after judgment from Labor Court.

NMC is giving the water works project to a private operator OCWL so that the city receives 24×7 water supply.

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Nagpur Municipal Corporation to hand over water work to Orange City Water Limited

Orange City Water Limited (OCWL) to take over water work from Nagpur Municipal Corporation from Monday. A lot of NMC workers are not ready to work for OCWL and they have declared Monday as ‘Black Day’.

NMC, Nagpur Environmental Services Ltd (NESL) and OCWL had entered into a agreement on November 17. According to the agreement OCWL will take up entire work of water treatment plants and billing for a span of 25 years. OCWL will also work on 24×7 water supply project. NMC employees have objected to work with OCWL.

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Nagpur Municipal Corporation Schools Lacks Infrastructure and study Environment

Schools run by Nagpur Municipal Corporation lacks basic amenities like table, chairs, good infrastructure, toilets and drinking water. Most of the schools are running without electricity. Students are made to sit on unclean floors and shabby classrooms.

Lack of table and chairs for sitting strains the back of students. They are forced to adjust to the prevailing condition as they cannot afford a high cost.

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