“ Cracking the Cocoon” – Workshop on Personality Development at VNIT, Nagpur from 20th – 22nd January 2012

Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur and Aarohi 2012 in association with Aawaz Literary Club VNIT presents “ Cracking the Cocoon” – Workshop on Personality Development.

Topics to be covered are –

1)Art of Public Presentation
2) Affirmation
3) Positive Self Image Building
4) Social and Business Etiquette’s
5) GD/PI
6) Enhancing Communication Skills
7) Leadership and Team building

The workshop is from 20th January to 22nd January 2012.

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Screening of mind necessary for selection in Police Department

After the case of constable Abhijeet Chahande of Jaripatka police station for raping a girl twice was known. There was a blow to the recruitment system of the city police. The process of selection in the police department includes physical fitness test, intelligence quotient and education test. There is no process for mental screening.

The cops forget the oath which they take for protecting the citizens and law of land. It has been seen that they get in to unlawful means and sometimes commit heinous crime like rape even after taking the oath for protection of citizens.

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