No Plaster of Paris idols this festive season

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is taking great initiatives to stop pollution of water bodies this festive season by implementing a ban on Plaster of Paris (POP) idols. It has held a meetings with mandals and idol makers. Mandals are requested not to purchase idols made of plaster of paris. Idol makers are asked to make idols of clay and not mix pop with clay. NMC has also asked the general public to lend their support for their success. Though the ban on pop idols had been voiced earlier but it has been implemented now.

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LPG based Crematoria to save trees

LPG based crematoria to be employed at two ghats of Nagpur to save trees. Previously the ghats had diesel based crematoria which caused too much air pollution but now LPG will help check pollution. There are total 10 ghats at Nagpur and Nagpur Municipal Corporation is planning to convert all the Crematoria to LPG based. Now the facility is available only at Mokshadham and Ambazari Ghats.

Only 20% Nagpurians go for Cremation by Diesel or LPG while the rest prefer the traditional firewood cremation. The word needs to be spread to save trees and conserve forest.

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