Principal arrested by CBI for taking bribe

Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested a principal of Kendra Vidyalaya for taking bribe at Nanded. Vinayak Kattamani demanded bribe of Rs 4000 for clearing bill of Ghaus Khan who delivered tables and chairs to the school worth Rs 43000.

Ghaus approached CBI. Central Bureau of Investigation planned a plot in which the principal got trapped and thus was arrested red handed with the bribe money.

It is a sad situation when education givers are teaching such lessons of bribery. Instead they should stand as role models for the present and future generation to follow.

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Bishop Cotton High School ( BCS) delays its 150 – years anniversary celebration

Bishop George Cotton who is the founder of the BCS started the school in the year 1862 at Nagpur to build a strong education network in the country. He started first school at Shimla ( 1859 ), second at Nagpur and third at Bangalore in the year 1865. Due to unclear records of his place of death his grave cannot be located which leads to delay in celebration of the 150 – years at the school in Nagpur. The school websites and Wikipedia expresses different views.

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