Spic Macay to give a rich Cultural experience to Rural schools

Cultural organization Spic Macay has planned a busy calendar for rural schools in small districts. The program is named “Virasat”. It has started from 8th July and will continue till 23rd August 2012. The program will have lecture demonstrations from artists like Geeta Mahalik, Ronu Mazumdar, Kushal Das and Vishwamohan Bhatt in schools of Akola, Amravati, Buldana, Chikli, Wardha and Yavatmal.

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Unexpected showers keeping the city cool

Nagpur is hottest in the month of April and May. But in 2012 the April season has started with showers of rain, so the temperature has not rose beyond acceptable limits and meteorological department predicts the temperature to be at 40 degrees centigrade or below that. Thanks to the moisture laden winds that brought relief to nagpurians.

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Happy Republic Day to all Nagpurians

The month of January creates an aura of patriotism. India celebrates its 62nd Republic Day on 26th January 2012. Our hearts filled with love and minds free from evil thoughts to give a new beginning to our life as we celebrate 62nd Republic Day. Schools, colleges and other institutions will hoist National Flag , sing National Anthem and get patriotic. The whole nation will be immersed in Republic Day Celebration and get in holiday mood as it is a national holiday.

NagpurPulse.com Team wishes Happy Republic Day to all Nagpurians.

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Nagpur Municipal Corporation Schools Lacks Infrastructure and study Environment

Schools run by Nagpur Municipal Corporation lacks basic amenities like table, chairs, good infrastructure, toilets and drinking water. Most of the schools are running without electricity. Students are made to sit on unclean floors and shabby classrooms.

Lack of table and chairs for sitting strains the back of students. They are forced to adjust to the prevailing condition as they cannot afford a high cost.

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Blowing horn in silence zones may prove fatal

To check the sound pollution in the city Nagpur Municipal Corporation has come up with the noble idea of Silence Zone. NMC has identified 531 locations as silence zone. These includes hospitals, court and schools. Area within 100 meter radius of these 531 locations will be declared as silence zone. Sound above 50 decibels between 6 AM to 10 PM and sound above 40 decibels between 10 PM to 6 AM at night will lead to violation of norms and hence lead to fine of Rs 1 Lac or 5 years imprisonment.

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